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Adventure Author

K.T. Tomb enjoys traveling the world when not writing adventure thrillers. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where she's hard at work on her next novel.

Latest from K.T. Tomb:

The Emerald Operation (The Adventurers Book 6)

A little vacation is precisely what the Adventurers need to unwind from their latest case and find themselves at the Ragnarsson family estate along the Magdalena River in Colombia, even while team member Thyri conducts a little side business. Following the advice of a family member, Thyri is considering buying into a profitable, local industry: emerald mining.

Except there's a hitch. To raise money for their cause, a violent anti-government/revolutionary gang uses the mine as a front, forcing the locals into free labor.

Thyri and the team won't stand for that and are determined to shut down the gang's operation. Except the bad guys have other plans. Big plans. There will be blood.